Alice Cheverton (2010 – 2013)

Alumna, Alice Cheverton

Alice Cheverton attended The Denes from 2010–2013. Alice was our first Head Girl and has also been an assistant at Ormiston Denes Community Sports Centre.

School life

I really enjoyed my school life at The Denes and it is something I think will always be a part of me due to the amount I achieved there, both academic and sporting wise. I got to know and work with some great people throughout the three years and there were awesome teachers as well. During my time at Denes, I was very lucky to gain the position of Head Girl and this was a fantastic opportunity to be given! This really helped us to get our opinions heard and hopefully both Danny (Head Boy) and myself made a positive difference to the school.

I was fortunate throughout school, being both academic and sporting. I chose BTEC Level 2 Sport as an option for a GCSE alongside Geography and French and was then fast-tracked to do GCSE PE within Year 11 as well. The whole PE Department at the time (Mr Craft, Mrs Caswell, Mr Armstrong, Miss Mickleburgh and Miss Westoby) but especially Mr Craft and Miss Mickleburgh were really encouraging and supportive, offering help and advice throughout. The rest of the department were always willing to have me back to assist in lessons three years after leaving which I really appreciate, allowing me to gain valuable knowledge to support my future career path.

I remember being very focused on sport and never on the more creative subjects at school. I never looked forward to these as much and was excited for GCSEs so I could drop them and focus on my favourite subjects! I also recall always going to the revision sessions for religious studies in Year 11 … not for the revision, but for the free bacon rolls. (They were brilliant. Sorry Mr Buisst!)


I had various sporting achievements in school (too many to list), but the most memorable and one that still sticks with me now has to be when I broke the 33 year old 1500m record by around eight seconds in Year 10, and hearing Mr Armstrong announcing this to the whole school watching, over the microphone!! Another isn’t a sporting achievement as such but more of a sporting moment; in 2012, I was lucky enough to hold an Olympic torch brought in by one of the local torch-bearers. Within college, my most notable sporting achievement is being named as the female team captain for the Eastern Region in the AoC Sport National Championships. (See featured image).

School trips

School trips were also a highlight of my school life. Mr Armstrong took a group of us to Manchester for a sporting weekend involving cycling on the Velodrome where Sir Chris Hoy trained at the time, and also indoor snowboarding, BMX biking and watching county netballers play. The Futsal tournaments were always exciting for us as well, due to having a really good girls’ football team. Summer schools co-ordinated by Mrs Anderson were always something I looked forward to at the end of the year, with a two-week programme including fun, learning and lots of new friends. We had a trip to Twickenham to watch England vs Italy rugby, but the most notable trip had to be Miss Westoby (now Mrs Sutton) taking a group of eight of us to Wimbledon. We had Court 1 tickets and watched some brilliant tennis, even watching Andy Murray on the big screen playing (this was the year he won). I remember us all being stereotypical and buying the strawberries to eat on the hill!


I worked within the Community Sports Centre at Ormiston Denes, for over two years – who would have thought I’d be back as a member of staff! I enjoyed my role there a lot and am very grateful for the opportunity and experience gained. The staff team there were great and I loved working with them. I also worked as a lifeguard at a local holiday park when not in the Sports Centre or at Lowestoft Sixth Form. I love to keep busy!

My goals

I studied A Level PE, BTEC Sport and BTEC Sport Science at Lowestoft Sixth Form College. They were just as supportive as school in my career goals and sporting life, allowing me to leave early to attend races and giving me all the backing and help needed to achieve. My drive to be greatly involved in sport stemmed from both my family and continuous support from teachers during my education. This, and what she probably saw as a passing comment, was Miss Mickleburgh telling me I would make a good teacher which really opened my mind up to teaching as a career goal.

From there on and throughout Sixth Form I focused on this as a career goal, and as a result of everything academic and extra-curricular I completed, I have gained a conditional offer to study physical education with Qualified Teacher Status at the University of Brighton. The course itself reflects my love for sport and aspiration to support others to achieve their full potential, so it was the course itself which was sold to me and I knew this was really the only path I would opt for.

My message to the students

Whatever happens, make sure you do what you enjoy. If this requires you to stand alone, then go for it – you will need a lot of guts and determination to reach your goals and there will always be set backs and sacrifices to be made, but it will surely be worth it in the end! School is a stepping stone for the future, but a very important one, so doing your best to achieve your full potential is key. You are the only one standing in your own way, so if you want to achieve something then you have to make it happen!

Our thanks and best wishes go to Alice and we wish her lots of luck.

June 2016

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