Craig Harvey (2004 – 2007)

Alumnus, Craig Harvey (right), with MP for Waveney, Peter Aldous

Craig attended The Denes from 2004–2007 and is now a researcher for Peter Aldous, MP for Waveney, in both the constituency and Westminster.

He extended his stay at the school for another two years studying A Levels within the Sixth Form consortium where his favourite subject was history. After he left The Denes, Craig continued his studies with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a master’s degree in Security. He is now a Parliamentary Researcher working primarily in the Houses of Parliament.

Craig’s primary role is to research policies and provide Peter with briefing material in order for him to debate in the House of Commons or hold meetings with constituents. Additionally, he drafts responses to constituents’ queries, having completed the necessary research to provide a complete and accurate response, and sometimes passes them on to Ministers and Secretaries of State for the Government’s feedback. Finally, he also accompanies Peter to many of his meetings in Westminster and the constituency and, where Peter is unable to attend, Craig will often attend on his behalf.

Craig told us: “It is very unusual for an MP to have a researcher from their own constituency and Parliament is a notoriously difficult place to gain employment. In this respect I was lucky as I happened to be studying my Master’s degree at University College London and emailed Peter to request an internship with him. Following his re-election in 2015, Peter offered me a three-day-a-week, unpaid position in his Westminster office.

“Internships are almost the only way to gain paid employment with an MP, but Peter initially had no vacancies and despite applying for positions with other MPs, I simply did not have enough Parliamentary experience. Again I had a stroke of luck as with two weeks remaining of my internship Peter’s researcher decided to leave, and Peter offered me a role.”

Craig has many memories of his time at The Denes, from helping perform CPR on a locust before letting it loose in Miss Wright’s class, to a week-long trip to Wales. On his very first day he kind of cheated on a biology test, having taken exactly the same one a week earlier at his old school and knowing all of the answers – he was bumped up a set as a result!

Teachers of particular note were Mrs Erb who made him trust his artistic abilities and guided him to good art grades, and Miss Preston who constantly assured him that he was capable of going to university and succeeding in higher education.

Craig’s message to our students is this: “Don’t be too concerned if you’re not sure what you want to do. Study a broad range of subjects and decide later.”

Since speaking with Craig, we have been informed that he has just started a PhD in Defence at King’s College London, based at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, where he is researching how the strength of external military intervention affects the likelihood of a civil war peace settlement being successfully implemented.

October 2016

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