Daniella Harrison (2010 – 2013)

Alumna, Daniella Harrison

Daniella attended The Denes from 2010-13 and has many fond memories of her time here. She is currently in her second year at Queen Mary, University of London, studying English and Drama.

“I witnessed a lot of change such as a new head teacher, welcoming younger students after the abolition of middle schools, and new uniforms.”

Whilst at The Denes, Daniella was an active member of the drama department, not only studying BTEC Performing Arts but being involved in school productions.

“Being in the chorus of We Will Rock You in my first year is one of my favourite performances I’ve been in, to date. The whole cast got on really well and I had such a great time dancing and singing the songs of Queen.”

Daniella was also in Bugsy Malone in year 11. “I remember having so much fun with the splurge guns and custard pies and at the last show all us students and teachers helping with the production had a massive splurge fight on stage which was so funny!”

Bugsy Malone, 2013

“The school gave us lots of opportunities to explore potential career pathways. I remember going to Cambridge University for a Physics workshop, attending a UEA summer school, a law workshop where I got to wear a judge’s wig (not my best hairstyle), and of course attending a summer school at Denes when we got to make music videos. I remember my group chose Ghostbusters and my friend ran around in a sheet chasing after us!”

After Denes, Daniella attended Lowestoft Sixth Form College and studied A-Level English Literature, Psychology, and Drama. During her time at the sixth form she also got involved in performances such as open-air Shakespeare, as well as attending two summer schools – one at Cambridge for Psychology, and another at Ivy League university, Yale, in the US, which was “crazy! I had the best time at both but decided I definitely wanted to stay in the UK and attend university in the capital.”

With team mates at Columbia University in New York

I’m currently in my second year at Queen Mary, University of London, studying English and Drama. I love living in London (though my bank account doesn’t) as there’s so much going on in comparison to Lowestoft – though I do miss having a beach so close by.”

Daniella has been busy whilst living in London and is very active within her university community. She has naturally been a part of her university’s theatre company, performing in Shakespeare and student-written shows, and is also an editor for the university’s arts and culture magazine, CUB. Outside of her studies, though, Daniella has recently started a blog all about theatre, where she reviews shows and interviews cast members.

“I’ve been to press nights for West End shows like Half a Sixpence and An American in Paris, which is so weird to me. I bumped into Christopher Biggins and Barbara Windsor (quite literally!) and I had such a ‘pinch me’ moment!”

At the press launch for An American in Paris, in central London

In the summer 2017, Daniella will be starting work at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, where she will be a steward. In December 2016 she was invited to speak at Lowestoft Sixth Form’s Awards Evening about her experiences, and her advice was just to do what makes you happy and stop trying to please others.

“So that’s my advice to students: don’t worry about what others think, as long as you are content and pleased with yourself, then that’s the main thing.”

Speaking at the Lowestoft Sixth Form College 2106 Awards Evening

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