Our Ethos

Our ethos is putting the child at the very centre of everything we do regardless of level of challenge, such as an approach presence. We believe in high standards in everything we do, regardless of how small or seemingly insignificant the task in hand. Our academy believes in people and recognises that whilst systems and structures are very important, our role is about people whether they be children or adults. Good relationships are at the very heart of our school. Our ethos is to translate the academy motto into action, otherwise they are simply words.

Our successes as a school are based on being cared for, being supported, being challenged and helping students to develop the confidence and resilience they need. We believe that the balance of all these components has to be just right, and whilst the emphasis will vary from day to day and, indeed, hour by hour, if we work together as a team – parents and carers, school and child – then we can achieve the most amazing things for each child at our school.

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