Senior Leadership Team

Mr B Driver Principal
Mr M Colman Executive Finance Director
Mr P Dougherty Assistant Principal, Assessment & Curriculum
Mr S Aldous Assistant Principal, Community & Engagement
Mr J Rowbotham Assistant Principal, Literacy & Independent Learning
Mr J Lowden Assistant Principal, Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, DSL
Miss H Seath Assistant Principal, Raising Achievement
Mr C Senior Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning
Mr B Jones Director of Year 11
Miss C Ludbrook Director of STEM, Alternate DSL

Curriculum Leaders

Mrs R Ford Head of English
Mr N Barker Head of Mathematics
Mr S Roper Head of Science
Mr B Ford Head of Geography
Mr C Pinner Head of History
Mr W Buisst Head of Philosophy & Ethics
Miss H J Morris Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J Westgate Head of Art & Design
Mr D Dack Head of Business
Mr J Kerry Head of Computing
Miss H Morris/Drama Head of Performing Arts
Mr T Woodrow Head of Physical Education
Mrs A Buckenham Head of Technology

Pastoral Leaders

Mr D Fisher Head of House, Endeavour
Mrs H Turpin Head of House, Enquire
Mrs G Calver Head of House, Inspire
Mr J Wilkinson Head of House, Venture
Mrs L Manning Pastoral Support Officer, Endeavour & Enquire
Mrs K Norman Pastoral Support Officer, Inspire & Venture
Mrs M Read Safeguarding Officer
Mrs K Ellison Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Co-ordinator

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