Welcome from the Principal

I would like to open by saying how privileged I feel to be leading Ormiston Denes Academy.  Whilst everyone who works in education inevitably has the same aims, the fact is that every school is different.  Wherever you look around the country you will see mottos and statements.  Of course, these are important but as a parent I was always looking to see how they translated into actions and how they influenced the culture and ethos of a school.

During my time in education I have been fortunate to work in several schools around the country especially during the last couple of years.  Schools learn a lot from each other and that is why we benefit from our close collaboration with other Ormiston schools especially in the Eastern region.

When I am asked about my approach as a Principal the answer is very simple; what would I want for my own two boys.  It is this that drives my values and beliefs and greatly influences my decision making.  Whilst they are now young adults, those values are so deep within me it will come as no surprise for them both to read this and hear me say it continually to anyone who asks.  It has been no different since the day they were born.  Their success in school was based on being cared for, being supported, being challenged and developing the confidence and resilience that we all need in life.  However, the balance of these different components has to be just right, and whilst the emphasis will vary from day to day and, indeed, hour by hour, if we work together as a team – parents and carers and school – we can achieve the most amazing things for your child.

I am incredibly proud of my boys and see family, whatever its make-up, as being at the centre of life.  Our aim is for Ormiston Denes to be a family where we have high expectations in everything we do.

Jim Nixon

Ormiston Denes Academy



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