Exam preparation

More information on the summer 2020 exams will be available soon.

Revision materials

Revision materials coming soon.

Tips on surviving exams

Getting through exams can be a challenge, but try not to panic. There are ways to beat exam stress and make sure you get the best possible results. You might also find the following links useful:

Exam stress and pressure, a Childline resource

How to do well in exams and have a social life, a Childline video

Tips on surviving exams, from NHS Choices – Live Well

Exam stress, a BBC News revision guide for the anxious


Results information will be available soon.


We are required to keep certificates for one year only, after this time they can be confidentially destroyed. It is very important that you collect them, as you will need them for college, university or job applications.

If you have lost your certificates or did not collect them, and the academy no longer has them, you will need to order replacements from the exam boards. Click here for further information.

Examinations officer

Kerri Turk
Ormiston Denes Academy
Centre number: 19133
Tel: 01502 574474 (ext 107)

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