Excellence in Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) teaching staff consists of a team of six linguists offering French, German and Spanish with the additional possibility of taking GCSEs in Italian, Polish and Portuguese.

Our students take an introductory course of French, Spanish and German in Year 7, making their choice of preferred language before moving up into Year 8 – as we believe that students make the most progress when they themselves choose the language they enjoy the most.

We deliver culturally-relevant lessons, offering native-speaker input, additional teaching support from the University of East Anglia, penfriends from foreign schools and trips abroad at Key Stage 4, to ensure that language learning is both motivating and relevant for students.

Whilst we prepare our students for the new GCSE exams, with the highest expectations of their results, we additionally hope to inspire our students to go on and take their language learning further. For some students, a GCSE in a foreign language is an important qualification, which will impress future employers and improve chances of entering further education – as well as being an enjoyable learning experience which ends at Year 11. However, it is our hope to prepare our students for the international workplace, having developed confidence in language acquisition and having gained transferable skills which they could apply to any language.

We don’t just prepare our students for exams, but are genuinely passionate about the relevance of foreign languages in the real world and our team members have the highest aspirations of our budding linguists.

Should you have any questions regarding language teaching and learning at Ormiston Denes Academy, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hannah J Morris
Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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