At Ormiston Denes Academy, it is essential to us that each new student starts Year 7 feeling safe, secure, happy and enthused to be part of their new school.  This not only applies to students, we also want parents and carers to be happy and well informed about the move their child will be making.

To support this process transition from primary to secondary school does not begin in Year 6 and end in Year 7.  We ensure that our primary liaison and transition work begins as early as Year 4 and continues through Years 5 and 6, involving a dedicated team, and a range of activities and opportunities.

The current activities that we provide are shown within the following documents:

Transition Timeline for 2018 -19

Transition Opportunities for 2018-19 

For any questions about transition and how we ensure this crucial stage in students’ education is fully supported, please contact Julie Mayo, our Transition and Co-Curriculum Project Manager, at

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