Ethos & Vision and Values

The following principles and practices support the delivery of the distinctive vision of the Academy.

  • The development of a learning environment which reduces inequality of outcomes and life chances between deprived and vulnerable learners and those from more advantaged backgrounds;
  • The continuing development of a learning environment which is inclusive and constantly challenges standards of achievement through the solid commitment to improving on best performance;
  • Strategies and provision which ensure that every child matters and is able to fully contribute to the local community;
  • The continuing development of an Extended School Services strategy through collaborative practices, based on shared values and a shared purpose to enhance opportunities for academy students and their wider community;
  • The on-going development of outstanding opportunities in terms of 14–16 provision, continuing into pathways that lead to further education and/or employment;
  • Relentless raising of standards of achievement throughout the academy and extended community;
  • The development of distributed leadership which encourages all students, staff and stakeholders to share responsibility for learning and be accountable for it;
  • Sound financial and premises management and effective use of non teaching staff to provide support for teachers and students;
  • High quality training and development processes which ensure all students receive the highest quality provision of teaching and learning.

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Ormiston Denes Academy Values – Aspiration   Integrity   Respect


Ormiston Denes’ value is a central belief, clearly understood and shared by every member of our Academy community. We believe in:


Aspiration, Integrity, Respect


We value aspiration when we …

… have a strong desire to achieve our ambitions, pursue our interests, dreams and true potential

… always try our best and persevere

… learn from our mistakes and seize the opportunity to improve

… strive to reach our goals, no matter what the obstacles are

… take risks and try new things


We value integrity when we…

…set high standards for our work and appearance

… are honest

… have pride in everything we do

… remain focused and self-controlled, even when challenged

… demonstrate leadership skills


We value respect when we …

… care for each other; appreciating others people’s feelings, views, diversity and beliefs

… give the right for teachers to teach and students the right to learn

… care for our learning environment

… promote good attitudes to learning through positive behaviours

… are diligent and do what we are asked to (even when it’s hard)

… participate fully and make the most of opportunities on offer