Governance arrangements

Structure of Governing Body

The Local Governing Body and each committee meet at least once each term.

The committee structure is as follows:

  • Local Governing Body – comprises all governors – Chair Tina Ellis
  • Finance and General Purpose committee – Chair Paul Mayne
  • Co Curriculum committee – Chair Tina Ellis
  • Strategic Progress Board – Chair Nicole McCartney, Managing Director Ormiston East


OAT Scheme of Delegation and OAT Governance Charter


Membership of committees: 

Strategic Progress Board

  • Nicole McCartney – Chair and Managing Director OAT East
  • Ben Driver – Principal
  • Tina Ellis


Co Curriculum Sub Committee

  • Tina Ellis – Chair
  • Ben Driver – Principal
  • Louise Bernasconi
  • Alex Brown
  • Alison Ashby


Finance and General Purposes Sub Committee

  • Paul Mayne – Chair
  • Ben Driver – Principal
  • Kate Gill – Vice Chair
  • Jane Webster


Disciplinary committee – minimum 3 members of governors available (excluding staff governors) – Chair to be decided on the day


Admissions panel – minimum 3 governorsLouise Bernasconi, Tina Ellis, Kate Gill, Paul Mayne


Governor responsibilities

  • Prevent, SEND, Safeguarding and E-Safety – Louise Bernasconi
  • CEIAG – Tina Ellis
  • Literacy – Paul Mayne
  • Numeracy – Vacancy
  • SMSC – Kate Gill


 Gov attendance 2015 16 2016 17 20.04.17


Gov details 05.06.17


Governing Body meeting dates 2016/2017:

Local Governing Body:

Autumn 2016

Thur 8th September        4.00pm

Thur 13th October            4.00pm

Thur 11th December        4.00pm

Spring 2017

Thur 16th March               4.00pm

Summer 2017

Thur 22nd June                4.00pm


Strategic Progress Board:

Autumn 2016

Thur 24th November        1.30pm

Spring 2017

Wed 25th January             1.30pm

Thur 8th March                  1.30pm

Summer 2017

Thur 15th June                   1.30pm


Co Curriculum:

Autumn 2016

Thur 3rd November            4.00pm

Spring 2017

Thur 26th January              4.00pm

Summer 2017

Thur 11th May                      4.00pm


Finance and General Purposes:

Autumn 2016

Thur 24th November          4.00pm

Spring 2017 

Thur 26th January               4.00pm

Thur 23rd March                 4.00pm

Summer 2017  

Thur 15th June                     4.00pm