My Tutor

What is MyTutor?

MyTutor matches students with a kind and friendly​ tutor studying at a top
university somewhere in the UK. Tutors are talented, bright, and have
recently sat their GCSEs and A Levels, so they understand how stressful​
exams can be.

With regular attendance, MyTutor lessons can help students gain confidence in their subject and improve by 1 whole grade, after just 15 weeks.

Lessons take place online in an interactive lesson space, where you’ll be able to see, hear and chat​ with the tutor. 

Your tutor knows what topics you’re covering in class, so you can use the lessons to ask questions or go over areas you find tricky.

First topics have been set by your teacher but after that, you can request topics you would like help with.

Lessons are proven to raise grades. MyTutor pupils make 1 whole grade of progress, on average, after 15 sessions 

Plus, 90% of pupils feel they’ve improved in their subject following tuition.

Posted in Academy news on 25th March 2021.

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