Pastoral Care

The welfare of our students is of paramount importance to us and we aim to provide each student with a safe, happy and secure learning environment. On joining the school, students are placed in vertical tutored groups, comprising three or four students from each year group.  Each of our Houses has ten tutor groups, with each group sharing a House base, Head of House, Pastoral Support Officer (PSO).

Your child’s form tutor plays a key role in working with the students; they will ensure the highest standards in terms of work, appearance and behaviour.

Our vertical tutor groups:

  • Foster an inclusive ethos throughout the Academy, enabling older students to take a responsible role, exercising responsibility for the attitude and behaviour of younger students.
  • Facilitate peer mentoring (academic and pastoral).
  • Benefit transition processes.
  • Raise students’ aspirations.
  • Allow for more personalised and effective tutoring.

Your child’s Head of House and Pastoral Support Officer are responsible for attendance, appearance, behaviour, communication and our Individual Learning and Support Plans (ILSPs). In addition, PSOs have a specific responsibility to remove barriers to progression for a defined group of students and will work very closely with a small number of students who need some additional support.

We have an extensive range of support systems and structures for all students.  For further details click on the following links to access our SEN Policy and here to read about our support for students with Special Educational Needs, and here for further details of our Raising Achievement Centre and academic tutoring.

Updated House contact info 27.06.17