pastoral – ˈpɑːst(ə)r(ə)l

From Latin pastoralis  ‘relating to shepherd’
Relating to or denoting a teacher’s responsibility for the general well-being of pupils or students – Oxford English Dictionary

We firmly believe that for students to achieve their full potential, they must feel safe, supported and challenged. We value the importance of providing the highest possible standards of student support, welfare and guidance, and consequently have invested in a broad and experienced team who are dedicated to supporting young people and their families to remove any barriers to learning they may face.

Furthermore, we understand that each student is unique, and Ormiston Denes Academy prides itself on respecting this individuality so that every student is able to find someone to discuss their questions, seek a particular piece of advice, or allay any concerns.

Central to this team is the form tutor, with whom students have daily contact, through morning form time, 1:1 academic target-setting and review meetings and also informally throughout the day around the academy. The form tutor is also a key point of contact between home and the academy, supported through the student planner.

In addition to belonging to a form group, comprised of students in the same year group, every student also belongs to one of four houses. This enables us to foster an inclusive community ethos throughout the academy, enabling older students to take a responsible role – providing guidance for the attitude and behaviour of younger students, whilst also ensuring age-specific personal and social education is delivered by specialist staff.

Leading the team of tutors and carrying overall strategic responsibility for the pastoral care and academic progress of our students is the Head of House. This member of staff is supported by a Pastoral Support Officer (PSO), whose primary responsibility is to provide pastoral care and respond to any concerns or queries either from students or parents, so that students can maintain their focus on learning and progress. In addition, PSOs have a specific responsibility to remove barriers to progression for a defined group of students and will work very closely with a small number of students who need some additional support.

Working in collaboration with the house teams to ensure the highest standards of student wellbeing are a range of other professionals within the pastoral team. These include:

  • Attendance Officers – provide support to students and families to ensure our students attend and succeed in school.
  • Pathways Team – provides specialist social, emotional and mental health support.
  • Safeguarding Officer – liaises with staff, families and external organisations for all matters concerning child safeguarding.
  • School Counsellor – delivers focussed 1:1 sessions to support young people who are experiencing particular challenges.
  • School Nurse – delivers specialist health support and interventions.

From the structure of the house tutorial system, to the informal access to form tutors, pastoral support staff or senior students, the framework of pastoral care at Ormiston Denes ensures that at every stage, each student’s development is monitored and fully supported.

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