The houses at Ormiston Denes Academy are part of a long standing tradition and are still an integral part of our more modern, vibrant academy life. Each of the four houses, identified by their own colours, name and student support team have the same core purpose:

To foster an inclusive ethos across the academy, enabling students to be part of a larger family beyond their form group and providing them with opportunities to support others and work as a team.

Each house is made up of twelve form groups, two from Years 7, 8 and 10 and three from Years 9 and 11. This combination of year form groups within a house structure allows students to benefit from the inclusive ethos that a house promotes, whilst allowing form tutors to deliver age specific support to tutees.

All houses have a weekly assembly in line with the academy’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural curriculum. During these assemblies individual student, form and house success is recognised and celebrated.

The House Cup

The House Cup is an annual competition which runs throughout the academic year between the four houses of the academy. This competition accumulates the points gained from events during the year, including academic, cultural and sporting competitions, effort grades, attendance percentages and reward points.

As events are completed and points awarded the overall scores are tallied up and displayed on screens across the academy, with the current leading house at any time holding the House Cup Leaders sign, displayed above their board in the Entrance Hall.

Also displayed in the Entrance Hall are the four house trophy cabinets, containing the awards from events, and for last year’s winners of the House Cup, the House Cup Trophy.

House Cup latest standings

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