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Charm La’ Donna No Excuses (Meghan Trainor)

This music video made me feel inspired as a dancer in the perspective of what is possible to achieve and ultimately, sharing a vivid message. It made me want to be there so I could climb up and join them. The actual message for No Excuses was female empowerment and respect.

Throughout the video I felt engaged as if they were right in front of me screaming the message, which was clear to me (the audience), ‘treat me with respect!’.The video was very fun and light hearted making it extremely enjoyable and upbeat. As for meaning, that was more hard hitting and relatable to everyone, due to society’s old fashioned views of women which still circulate now.

The dancing was very professional and high quality, especially for the mixture of ages in the video.  Everything in it was impressive, the bit which stood out to me the most was when all the dancers split into one circle and one dancer comes into the middle, as the main style being hip hop that’s what would have been expected through the whole video. Then this one dancer comes into the centre and starts doing ballet moves which were absolutely beautiful with amazing technique.  The contrast was impactful and impressive.

When the music video ended I felt sad as I didn’t want it to end. It was a truly spectacular array of dancing and an empowering message that had my complete and full attention. As mentioned before, the themes are empowerment and respect and it’s embedded, not just through the dancing but also, having multiple sources with the same message helps to deliver the idea to the audience, for example each individual dancer lip syncing to the lyrics directly to the camera, which made it as though the message was specifically for me.

The costumes tied in perfectly with the style, especially being street and it made the movements stand out more from the music itself, which I personally think is a good thing. The stage was wide and open – freeing the dancers to be creative and individual with their movement and terms of expression. The lighting was clean and white which really helped to star the dancers and just bring all the attention to them. The music made the video to be what it is, without the music the audience probably wouldn’t have appreciated the themes in the same way.  

Charm La Donna had an image in her head and she was able to portray that into reality to post it on YouTube for everybody to see and appreciate, giving others inspiration to achieve anything they imagine, which is a beautiful gift.  She created this piece giving a good message to everybody a better hopeful generation of equality and showing the next generation what dance is really about.

Jessica Year 11

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