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Dance Class Review

June 2020

Welcome back to my lockdown dance class experiences. If, like me, you love dance and you are constantly looking for opportunities to get involved in, this opportunity to get active, fit and dance was on YouTube. It is an online class, hosted by Hannah Martin, who is a dancer and rhythmic gymnast who was on series 2 of The Greatest Dancer. She is very skilled and an inspirational teacher.

This class was aimed for contemporary lyrical style dancers of all abilities. Although the choreography being taught was quite difficult, it could be modified to make it slightly easier, and would still look as effective, allowing new to the style dancers to get involved and enjoy it as much as the more advanced. This class was hosted with the intentions of dancing for fun and not for performance reasons. However, the choreography also had the potential to be performed if it needed to be.

I found this class very enjoyable because it really challenged me as a dancer. However, if I was not able to do a certain part of the choreography, I was able to modify it without feeling like I had completely changed the whole dance. Working on this allows everyone to learn new things, challenge their abilities and have a fun time.

By Briony (Year 11)

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