Teaching experience for model Year 11 students

Students from Ormiston Denes Academy got the chance to experience the daily lives of their teachers as part of a new project.

The Year 11 students were invited to take part in the Teacher Experience within the academy for six days over the last two weeks.

A selection of Year 11 students who have an interest in pursuing a future career in teaching have been invited to join the Maths Department for two weeks, helping to teach Years 7 to 10.

During their two weeks, the students are being introduced to a wide range of teaching styles and classroom activities, in addition to teaching short sections of lessons and working with small groups of students.

This initiative is part of Ormiston Denes’ Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme which includes students having access to a specialist careers expert for careers advice and guidance one-to-one.

Ben Driver, principal of Ormiston Denes Academy said: “I’m very proud of how our Year 11 students have stepped up to this challenge, particularly considering that they’ve only just finished their GCSEs for which they’ve worked so hard for.

Students Holly and Lauryn taking part in the experience

“We designed this initiative to provide students with an insight into the world of teaching and to provide them with vital work experience.

“It has not only been a success in both of these areas, but students and teachers alike have wholly enjoyed the experience as well.”

Nick Barker, head of mathematics at Ormiston Denes Academy, said: “It’s been an absolute joy to have the help of our Year 11s in the classroom and I’ve been very impressed with their drive and enthusiasm. I know that they will all go far, whether that’s in teaching, university, or another profession.”

Holly Morrison, one of the Year 11 students, said: “This has allowed me to see teaching from the other side of the desk and enabled me to see just how rewarding and interesting a career in teaching can be.”

The photograph shows Year 11 students Katie Minister, Lauryn Salter, Nicola Bowers, Imogen Tyrell and Holly Morrison, who all took part in the scheme.

Source: The Lowestoft Journal.

Posted in Academy news on 27th June 2018.

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