Academy Uniform

New Uniform Plans From September 2018

We are delighted to announce that our new uniform will be:

Boys: Blue blazer with gold badge, worn with grey trousers.
Girls: Blue blazer with gold badge, worn with either girls grey trousers or blue and burgundy skirt.

We will finalise other aspects such as ties, ready for September.

Please note that variations on the standard uniform items above will not be permitted, so please do not purchase school trousers or skirts from other suppliers.

To support parents who may need to purchase new trousers or skirts this term, these items will be available from Screens, through the link below from Tuesday 8th May 2018 and allowed as uniform from this point forward.

Click here for new uniform to purchase at Screens

You can plan and prepare in advance with the following guidance for the changes in September 2018: 

  • Incoming Year 7 students (currently Year 6) will wear the complete new uniform, purchasable from Screens, late next term.
  • Current Year 7 to 10 students will:
    • Wear the new academy tie, provided by the academy, in exchange for their current tie.
    • Wear the new standard trousers or skirt, purchasable from Screens and allowed from next term. Please note that variations on this standard will not be permitted, as such do not purchase school trousers or skirts from other suppliers.
    • Be allowed to change their blazer and jumper at any point between September 2018 and September 2019.
  • White shirts will remain part of the uniform and whilst available from Screens, may also be purchased from other suppliers.
  • Present items such as blazers, jumpers, ties and sports kit are still available from our old supplier Anglia, until 31st July 2018.
  • There are no planned changes to sports kit for this year.

Academy Coat of Arms

With this change in uniform we have also taken the opportunity to re-establish the original school’s coat of arms. We are proud of the school’s heritage and community connections, and as such this is the full Lowestoft crest, used under the original school’s name of Lowestoft Secondary School from the early 1900s.
This updated crest will be phased in over the term ahead and you will start to notice it in communications from the academy.


Before September 2018, all students are required to wear the following uniform (unless you have already purchased new uniform items):

  • Black blazer with academy badge*
  • Black V neck academy pullover with red and gold trim (optional)*
  • White shirt/blouse with academy tie** in the relevant house colour
  • Black traditional school trousers or black knee length skirt (black knee length tailored shorts can be worn in the summer term)
  • Plain black polishable shoes and black socks (or black or flesh coloured tights for girls)

Please note the following footwear is not acceptable: Sandals, boots, trainers/trainer type shoes or shoes with logos/stripes, or plimsoles.

Please note that students will be expected to borrow items of uniform from the academy should they not be in full uniform.  Failure to do so can result in isolation or further action until it is resolved.

girl uniform large



boy uniform large

PE Kit

All students are required to wear the following PE kit:

  • Plain black shorts
  • Red polo shirt with academy logo*
  • Black football socks (plain)
  • White trainers/football boots when necessary

Optional items for PE and Games

  • Fully reversible doubled skinned sports top in red*
  • Long sleeved Rugby top with academy logo*
  • Plain black tracksuit bottoms or academy branded tracksuit bottoms*
  • Long sleeve PE zip top
  • Shin pads
  • During cold weather, students are advised to wear a base or thermal layer under their polo shirt such as a plain, black, long-sleeved t-shirt.  No hoodies are allowed to be worn during PE
  • Academy red and black skort for girls*

You will need to bring the correct kit for every PE lesson.  All equipment must be clearly named. If you fail to bring your kit, you will be expected to wear kit loaned by the PE staff and will also receive a detention.

*These items are available to buy from our uniform supplier at www.yourschoolwear.co.uk.

** Available to buy online or at the academy Finance Office.

Our reception staff are happy to assist you, should you require help with ordering.

If for any reason your son/daughter is not in the correct uniform, please inform the school via a note in their handbook. Their tutor will then issue them with a uniform pass.

If students bring their own hockey sticks, badminton/tennis racquets, etc to school then these must be clearly named.

For reasons of safety all jewellery must be removed for PE Lessons; this includes students with recently pierced ears.

In extreme weather conditions other items of clothing may be worn at the discretion of PE staff. Gum shields must be worn in all rugby lessons and shin pads are strongly advised for use in football and hockey lessons.

Students will need to bring correct kit for every PE lesson. Students who fail to bring kit will be expected to wear kit loaned by the PE staff and will also receive a detention.


Jewellery and Make-up.

Jewellery should be discreet and appropriate for school; one set of plain studs or small sleepers in pierced ears are allowed (this relates to boys and girls), one necklace, bracelet or ring can also be worn. The school cannot be responsible for any injury caused by wearing unsuitable jewellery or for jewellery going missing. We reserve the right to confiscate unsuitable jewellery.

Jewellery, which the students are asked to remove, will be held in safe keeping until it is collected by parents/carers.

Students who are incorrectly dressed or who refuse to remove additional/unsuitable jewellery may be taught apart from their peers or sent home.

Facial piercings, tongue piercings, retainers (of any colour) are not permitted.  Extremes of hairstyles, including cut and colour, are also not permitted in the academy.

Make-up should be discreet and in keeping with a student’s appearance. Extremes or excessive make-up is not permitted, and any student deemed to be wearing too much make-up will be asked to remove it. Students are not permitted to wear nail varnish. Nail extensions are not permitted.



To be ready for work and take pride in its presentation, all students should have;

  • Pens and pencils
  • Sharpener and eraser
  • Basic coloured pencils
  • 30cm ruler
  • Simple mathematical set
  • Calculator
  • A sturdy bag
  • A reading book
  • Student planner
  • Water bottle