Work Experience


Work Experience


At Ormiston Denes Academy we recognise work experience as an essential part of students’ education.

Work experience offers many benefits and learning opportunities such as gaining an insight into the skills and attitudes required by particular job sectors and employers as well as the chance to develop, practice and demonstrate these skills in a work setting. It helps students prepare for adulthood and to give students the opportunity to gain an understanding of the world of work and working life.  Students gain valuable experience and return to the academy with increased confidence and a greater understanding of the skills required for future employment.

Our Work Experience Scheme is very successful, with our students being placed in various environments such as shops, offices, schools, manufacturing industries and many others.  However, we actively encourage our students to find their own placements. This method helps ensure they obtain their chosen placement.
Students on work experience will remain the responsibility of the academy and every placement undertaken by an Ormiston Denes student is subject to checks to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the student. These checks are carried out by our Work Placement Officer.

Further information about work experience is as detailed in the following attachments:

Work Experience Placement form 2017

Work Experience Application Form 2017

Work Experience Parent Carer letter 2017

A Guide for Students and Parents/Carers 2017

Job choices form 2017


If you have any further questions about the academy’s work experience, please contact Ms Julie Mayo, Transition and Co-curriculum Projects Manager, on 01502 509927 or Mrs Carole Budgen, All Together Guidance Professional on 01502 574474 ext 163