Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Kate Williams, Principal
Mr Mark Colman, Executive Finance Director
Ms Rebecca Bramble, Senior Vice Principal – Standards
Mr James Lowden, Vice Principal – Welfare, Compliance and Inclusion
Mr Adrian Donovan, Vice Principal – Quality of Education
Mr Ben Jones, Assistant Principal – Key Stage 4
Mrs Lisa George, Assistant Principal – Key Stage 3
Mrs Sarah Read, Assistant Principal – Quality of Education (Pedagogy) and SEND

Curriculum Leaders

Mrs Kerry EllisonSENDCo

Mrs Eleanor Dodgson Head of English
Mrs Anita Baldwin Head of Mathematics
Mr Simon Roper Head of Science
Mr Ben Ford Head of Geography
Mr Anthony Bennett Head of History and RE
Miss Polly Grice & Miss Georgina Best Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Joanna Westgate Head of Art & Design
Mr Dominic Dack Head of Business
Miss H Morris/Drama Head of Performing Arts
Mr T Woodrow Head of Physical Education
Miss Andie Getvoldsen Head of Technology
Mrs K Ellison SENDCo

Heads of Year/ Pastoral Managers

Mrs S Smith Head of Year 11
Mr S Loxton Pastoral Manager for Year 11
Mr O Cooper Head of Year 10
Mrs G Calver Pastoral Manager for Year 10
Mrs K Gardiner Head of Year 9
Mrs K Parkes Pastoral Manager for Year 9
Mrs R Read Head of Year 8
Mrs H Turpin Pastoral Manager for Year 8
Mrs G Ryan Head of Year 7
Miss M Crisp Pastoral Manager for Year 7

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