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Information about Examinations, Qualifications and Results for Summer 2021

Schools will be responsible for providing all students with teacher assessed grades. They will assess the standard at which your child is performing in each of their subjects based on what they have been taught.

Please see below for a summary of key information.

Guidance for students, parents and carers from the JCQ

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How will we decide your child’s grade in each subject?


We will continue to teach your child in every subject they study throughout the spring/summer term.

Grade judgements

These will be made from a range of evidence relating to the subject content that your child has been taught throughout the course e.g. mock exams, homework or in-class tests (this can include work completed remotely during lockdown).

Summer assessment tasks

In addition to using evidence that we already have, we will undertake a number of assessments with your child over the summer term, and these will include using materials provided to us by the exam boards.

Non-exam assessment

Where a subject includes coursework or a practical element, this will still contribute towards your child’s overall grade.

Students with SEND

For any student with special educational needs and/ or a disability, we will provide appropriate support and reasonable adjustments to ensure that they are not disadvantaged in the summer assessments.

How will we ensure that the grades are awarded fairly?

OAT guidance for schools – the Trust will provide every school with a clear framework to work to in order to determine your child’s final grade in each subject.

Assessed tasks – for each subject that your child studies we will inform them of which pieces of work will count towards their final grade, this will allow them to prepare fully.

Exam board guidance – each exam board will provide subject specific guidance and materials for us to use in our summer assessments.

Quality assurance – the school, Trust and exam boards will all undertake rigorous checks and moderation to ensure that consistent judgements are being made about which grade/s your child receives.

How will vocational qualifications such as BTECs be assessed?

Grade judgements – these will be made from a range of evidence including performance tasks and assessments that your child has already completed.
Results – your child should receive their result no later than the GCSE results.

When will your child receive their GCSE grades?

GCSE results – Thursday 12th August 2021.

How can you appeal against the grade/s that has been awarded to your child?

Administrative error – you should first approach the school to check whether an administrative error has been made. If an error has been made the school will submit a request to the exam board to consider a revised grade.

No administrative error has been made by the school – if the school does not believe that an error with your child’s grade has been made, the school will appeal to the exam board on your child’s behalf. Please be aware that this can result in grades going up, down or staying the same.

Vocational qualifications – the same approach as above will apply when appealing a vocational grade.

Summer Assessment Schedule





















Each student will also receive their personalised assessment timetable during form time.

Period 5 intervention

To support your child, P5 interventions will continue as they did last term. P5 sessions are included in your child’s timetable which can be found on Go4schools.co.uk.

Pre-exam breakfasts

Cold breakfast options will be provided for all Year 11 students to support with their examination preparations. This will be available from 8.00am each day.

Raising Achievement Centre

The school’s Raising Achievement Centre will be open from 8.00am, during both break times and from 3.10pm – 4.15pm each day for students to study independently.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Cooper ocooper@ormistondenes.co.uk.

Tips on surviving exams

Getting through exams can be a challenge, but try not to panic. There are ways to beat exam stress and make sure you get the best possible results. You might also find the following links useful:

Exam stress and pressure, a Childline resource

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We are required to keep certificates for one year only, after this time they can be confidentially destroyed. It is very important that you collect them, as you will need them for college, university or job applications.

If you have lost your certificates or did not collect them, and the academy no longer has them, you will need to order replacements from the exam boards. Click here for further information.

Examinations officer

Kerri Turk
Ormiston Denes Academy
Centre number: 19133
Tel: 01502 574474 (ext 107)

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