Fundraising Friday – 18th March 2022

The first fundraising day of 2022 is the 18th March 2022!
We will be holding a number of events to support different causes on this day.
• Comic Relief – a non uniform day for students and staff, with a voluntary donation of £1.00 and to raise much needed support funding for Ukraine.
• Bake Sale – raising money for Comic Relief and Ukraine. If anyone would like to support this event with a donation of home made or shop brought cakes we will welcome these. Please either contact reception or via Miss Grimmer.
• Bags for Ukraine – the children crossing Ukraine borders have very little and we are asking if any students could make a donation of an item to put in a bag. We will be providing the bags for the donations to go in. Students can donate over the next week during form time.
• Cash for Kids – Our Eco Schools student group are supporting Global Recycling Day to encourage eco- friendly behaviour by recycling textiles and clothing. Every tonne collected will raise £400 for the charity! We are a registered donation centre and ask our school community to consider donating any unwanted items to school from 16th – 21st March and the charity will collect. Please see a list of suitable items below.
We’re looking forward to making this day a huge success in support of all the important causes we have chosen and are so grateful for all of your help.
The guidelines for non school uniform are:
• Students must come in appropriate clothing suitable for a school day.
• No shorts, ripped jeans, strappy tops etc.
• Hoodies are allowed, however hoods must be down at all times whilst on school grounds.
• Normal academy policy in relation to make up, hair and jewellery will still apply.
• PE kit still required for any student that has PE on that day.
• Suggested minimum voluntary donation of £1 cash, to be handed in to form teacher.
If you have any questions, please let us know!

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