PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education)

PSHE at Ormiston Denes is delivered through a variety of channels. From our dedicated Skills for Learning programme to our external providers, there are multiple routes through which we support students as they explore their PSHE development from their first day in Year 7, to their last day in Year 11.

The foundations of our PSHE curriculum are delivered through Skills for Learning which takes place in two 20-minute form time sessions each week. Skills for Learning follows a personalised programme for each year group, linking into themed assemblies throughout the year.

Students in Year 7 to 9 also receive bespoke PSHE lessons as part of praxis. This is delivered through one lesson a fortnight with a focus on students’ cultural and personal development. Enrichment allows students the opportunity to explore a variety of activities, many of which link with the core aims of the PSHE curriculum.

Science and physical education take responsibility for delivering the majority of the health curriculum, although where appropriate, this is supported by external visitors from a range of organisations. All students cover the basics of economic wellbeing through the Skills for Learning programme in Year 7 to 10, and some students go on to study economics in more depth through the completion of an optional finance qualification in Year 11.

In addition to the standard curriculum we take every opportunity to work with external companies and charities to provide additional high-quality support. These visitors provide a range of activities from assemblies and lunch time sessions, to half-days off timetable for seminars on specific areas of the curriculum. Visitors have included officers from the emergency services, local business leaders and entrepreneurs, and Hollywood actors. We also work extensively with the University of East Anglia and Norwich University of the Arts to raise the aspirations of students through programmes such as The Brilliant Club and the Take Your Place initiative.

Ensuring successful futures for all of our students is an essential aim of our PSHE delivery. As part of this we employ a full-time careers officer who oversees the different elements of careers education throughout the academy, ensuring that by the time they leave, every student is fully prepared and appropriately placed not just for their immediate next steps, but life beyond formal education.

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