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For the week ending: 10 November, 2019

I’m always impressed with the professionalism and dedication of Ormiston Denes staff and this past week has been no different. The level of commitment is second to none where every single colleague does well beyond what one would normally expect. As a leader it’s always important that this is recognised as it is all too easily taken for granted sometimes.

As a result our students benefit greatly from this and you can see it in lots of different ways. One example of this was the meeting I had with two Year 11 students who are keen to promote action to challenge climate change. What was impressive was their scientific knowledge of what is happening but also their keenness of how this challenge should be educational but cause minimum impact to students’ attendance in lessons. As a result we are going to be looking at this topic as a school in far greater detail in the coming months.

On Wednesday we held our Year 7 settling in evening and it was a great success with a large number of parents and carers turning up to hear the various presentations. Year 7 is an important year group for me personally, given that they started at Ormiston Denes Academy when I did and therefore I always keep a keen interest in how well they are doing.

On Thursday we had a visit from the regional director to look at plans for the coming year and into the future. A large part of these plans is to build on all the excellent work already taking place in school especially in relation to the quality of teaching and learning. The fact is, if your child attends regularly, they will do well.

On Friday, we practised our lockdown procedure – which went well. As always, we will evaluate various aspects of the procedure for the next time we practice or in case we should have to use it for real.

I hope you all have a good weekend, I will be looking forward to a lie in now the Rugby World Cup is finished.

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