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For the week ending: 5 June, 2020

Dear Parent / Carer

COVID 19 has had a huge number of downsides and created anxiety throughout the country and indeed the world, however what has also been fascinating is the positive aspects that would seem to have come out of having a different way of life – and talking to staff and indeed students, many people are developing new skills.  Therefore, whilst my saxophone playing may have improved slightly, one thing my family will remember from this period of time is my scones!  I can’t say that the first batch I made were anything to boast about however, respect to my family – they ate them!  Now, I love making cheese, plain, fruit and cheese and bacon scones and it has become quite a tradition at weekends.  It is quite interesting because at first I would read the recipes time and time again whereas having done it for some period of time I have learnt them off by heart and it’s no longer stressful – who would have thought you could develop such skills at my age!

The number of vulnerable and key worker students coming into school is increasing and I am pleased to see this happening.  It is our way of supporting the local community and indeed the country as every school doing this helps the continuation of services – after all, we are still in lockdown.

We continue to set online work as you know, and you will be aware that schools should attempt face-to-face contact with some Year 10 students.   As mentioned last week a major priority is to further develop our online learning. This will vary according to the subject, however the plans are for a greater dialogue between student and teacher rather than simply completing the work online.  To reassure parents of students doing GCSEs next year, I would like to emphasise we will be putting in a raft of measures from September including individual support, extra lessons and tailored work to complete at home.  Staff are also developing online programmes which students will be able to use next year as well.

It is important that during this time we are still looking forward to September, which includes planning for our new Year 7 students. Although these plans are very different to what would have happened previously, we are doing our very best to make their transition as smooth as possible.

One of my key priorities as a Principal has been developing the learning for Years 7, 8 and 9 – those in our key stage 3 groups, and I am pleased to say that staff have worked incredibly hard in developing schemes of work so that the lessons for students in these lower year groups are of good quality.  We are also aiming for this to be the case with our online learning as well.

I hope you all have a nice weekend and stay safe.

Yours faithfully

Mr Jim Nixon, Principal

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