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For the week ending: 14 February, 2020

There is so much to write about this week I am struggling to think where to start. On Tuesday, I watched a group of our students go over the presentation about Dora Love which they originally performed at the University of Essex. I was completely bowled over, not only by the quality of their presentation – excellent intonation, superb knowledge and confidence – but also the amount of time that had gone into their research. Each one of them had a genuine interest in the Holocaust and broadened the presentation into other world-wide events which showed the depth of their understanding. I was so proud. They are now looking at how it can be developed going forward which is exciting.

Wednesday night was brilliant, the first OAT East dance competition. It was a fantastic event held in the hall here at Ormiston Denes. The place was packed with proud parents along with students and staff from almost all of the schools. The quality of dance was very high and contained a great deal of variety all (loudly) cheered on by the enthusiastic audience. They were all different with each academy performing a range of dances. As you’d expect I was particularly proud of our students whose dance was based on the theme of ‘mental health’. Nothing could be more topical in this day and age.

Although I tend to write about the major things during my week, it has to be said that the job is varied and I am often dealing with issues that quickly arise. When I first started headship (January 2005 at Great Yarmouth High) a colleague head said to me “just think of your job as problem solving; if you do that then you’ll be fine”. He was quite right as it makes up a large part of my day. Sometimes it is individual problems and other times it is working out a strategy for the whole school so that we can continue to raise standards. There is little if any time for strategy during the day so that is done weekends and evenings.

This half term I am travelling up to Scotland with both my boys. We will be sharing the driving and spending a few days on the Isle of Mull. The forecast is very stormy so there is a chance that the sailing won’t take place so we have put together plan B if that is the case. The north west of Scotland is nothing short of stunning; rugged scenery that is perfect for photography. We will do lots of walking – anything for a good photo – then enjoy the local night life in the evening. I am really looking forward to it. As is always the case, I will be doing some work as well so that we hit the ground running first day back.

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