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For the week ending: 19 March, 2021

A Parents Guide to Covid19 at Ormiston Denes Academy

Dear Parent/ Carer

It has been a very busy and rewarding spring term and now the Easter holidays are upon us. It was great to be able to dismantle the testing booths in the assembly hall and give the space back to Year 11 students, and we now have a small area at the back of stage where individuals can be tested on the rare occasion it may be needed. Strangely it felt like a small step towards ‘normal’ – whatever that means.

New principal and vice principal
On Wednesday Mrs Williams and Miss Bramble came into the school to walk round and meet members of staff. It was very informal, and it was good to get such positive feedback about how hard students were working in lessons and how calm the school was at break time. They also met with governors (remotely) later in the day, then I chatted with them before they left. We often talk to students about future planning and looking ahead, so it was good to see the same principle in action regarding the leadership of the academy.

Uniform expectations
We have given a little bit of leeway to our uniform standards since we returned from lockdown, however after Easter I will be expecting all students to be wearing the correct uniform. With regards to PE uniforms, we expect the following:
• Year 9 and Year 10 students may wear the old Ormiston Denes red and black kit, or the new blue Ormiston Denes kit, or a mixture of both.
• Year 7 and Year 8 students are expected in the blue Ormiston Denes PE uniform only.
Year 11 assessments and grades
A separate letter has gone out to Year 11 parents and carers regarding next term, and we will let you know the processes for examinations once they have been announced by the government. We have detailed plans in place, and they include giving plenty of support to our students, but I would ask that they do some work over the Easter break given it is another two weeks without schooling.

Year 10 work experience
A separate letter has been issued to all Year 10 parents advising that unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, our Year 10 students will not be able to take part in our week of work experience this year. Alternative arrangements have been detailed to parents.

And finally
A huge thanks to you again for your incredible support, I really appreciate it. My break will be spent doing some work but lots of unpacking boxes and decorating. You wouldn’t want me trying to do it for a living but I do find physical tasks like that quite therapeutic, especially if I can listen to my favourite playlists on Spotify. Have a fantastic Easter break and I look forward to students returning on Monday 12th April.

Yours faithfully

Mr Jim Nixon, Principal

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