• "Miss Sharpe is an amazing teacher, she always helps me with my dance work and helps me with how to improve my work. I am inspired by Miss Sharpe."

    Sarah, Year 10
  • "Miss Ludbrook always pushed me to aim higher. She has given me so many opportunities such as STEM and summer school."

  • "Miss Nixon is a lovely teacher assistant as she helps and understands children without judging."

    Saffron, Year 10
  • "Miss Best is always helping us out and inspiring our class to achieve the best in Spanish. The lessons are always fun to attend and everyone looks forward to them."

    Aleesha, Year 10
  • "Mrs Wilkinson is always helpful and supportive outside and in lessons. Nice and very funny, such an understanding teacher."

  • "Because of the support and building up my confidence, Mrs Read has helped me stand out and made me brave and go out of school for events and activities."

  • "Mr Pinner is a supportive teacher who helps when you need it."

    Aaliyah, Year 8
  • "Miss Smith-Howell helps me so much in my maths lessons. She’s really kind and helps me whenever I need it. I’m really glad and grateful Miss teaches me."

    Lydia, Year 8
  • "Mr Cole always puts his students first and gives them 100% of his effort and analysis."

    Ellie, Year 11
  • "Mr Buisst is committed to getting the best grade for all students and is truly passionate about RE."

    Megan, Year 11
  • "Thanks to Mr Kerry for always providing the best resources, materials and support to ensure we achieve the best possible grade in computer science."

    Nickolas, Year 11
  • "Miss Halsey has supported me through my lessons and all the way through years 9 and 10, I just wanted to say thank you so much."

    Saffron, Year 10
  • "Mrs Turner is always giving students opportunities, she never gives up on us even when we are annoying."

    Melody, Year 8
  • "I am fascinated in Old English and Mr Contrino is looking everywhere to try and find a book to help. He is approachable and enjoyable to be around."

    Evangeline, Year 8
  • "Miss Crisp is a credit to the school. Without her, student services would be bad and now it is structured and easily accessible. The school has gotten better because of Miss Crisp."

    Stephanie, Year 10
  • "Mr Barker always encourages me to learn and has been really inspirational since the start of the year. Mr Barker also never gives up on me, he always has faith in me when I give up and helps me overcome the challenge."

    Georgina, Year 10

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