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For the week ending: 4 December, 2020

A Parents Guide to Covid19 at Ormiston Denes Academy

Dear Parent/ Carer

Tutor group meetings 

This week I finished my meetings with Year 9 students during form time and it is interesting how the topics have changed, quite understandably.  Some of the questions have centred on option choices for examination subjects and how they can get a good understanding of what the different subjects entail. That is something we have planned for, though how it is structured will depend greatly on Covid.   Other questions included when our clubs and activities can start again, and why students have to wear school uniforms.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening 

Very much linking in with the above, on Thursday 10th December, we hold our virtual Year 9 Parents’ Evening so now is a good time for students to be thinking about their choices and for you as parents to be helping them as well.

Christmas and work ethic

As we move towards Christmas, students will see that we have put up decorations around the bubbles and our school tree will be outside this year.  Everything has been done so that it is Covid secure as it is important that we celebrate this festive season, but do so safely.  Given the different bubbles, I am also looking to students to look after the decorations so that we can enjoy them right up to the end of term.  This is also a time when we insist that learning continues to be our focus, so students are expected to be on task all lesson.  If not, we will follow the behaviour policy and when working well, students will be rewarded.


I cannot over emphasise the importance of courtesy in everyday life and am constantly saying this to students and have mentioned it before in my emails to you.  I always thank them for saying good morning to me and the vast majority of our interactions with students are very positive but sadly, we also find ourselves having to speak to students who have been discourteous.  Our job is to educate young people and the more they hear those around them being courteous the better.  It is not always what young people say that gets them in difficulty; it is sometimes how they say it.  That split second between a thought and a word is crucial and just pausing can make all the difference.  Of course, it is also important that we model that behaviour as staff and adults.

Christmas Jumper Day

I mentioned last week that on Friday 11th December we will be taking part in Christmas Jumper day.  This is not a non-uniform day.  Ties will not be required, however the Christmas jumper is to be worn over the shirt and under the blazer, with the remaining uniform to follow our normal expectations.

Last Day of Term

May I remind you that on the last day of term, Friday 18th December, all students will be sent home and the school closes at 2.30pm.

Admissions Policy Consultation

You may recall some time ago I wrote to let you know about our Admission Policy 2022-2023 consultation to request a reduction to our published admission number (PAN).  Unfortunately, this consultation was not accepted and so our PAN remains at 200.

I hope you all have a good weekend.

Yours faithfully

Mr Jim Nixon, Principal

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