Liam Jackson (2009 – 2012)

Alumnus, Liam Jackson

To continue our alumni articles, we recently caught up with former student Liam Jackson who was a student at The Denes from 2009–2012. Liam studied history media studies and OCR ICT. Liam left The Denes to continue his studies at Lowestoft College.

Liam told us that he loved his time here.

“It was the first time in education that I could think for myself and really engage with what I liked and what I didn’t like, and all the teachers were very accommodating with this (mentioning a few names: Miss Costello as form tutor, helping me every step of the way and taking a real interest in everyone’s wellbeing, Mr Turk for pushing me to achieve, Mr Hargreaves for bringing out my love of history – which led me to do it at A Level and university along with Politics; without his engagement I never would have taken it up. Mr Morris for being a cool guy that always made me laugh, while giving me an important lesson in media, question things and delve deeper) to name just a few. Oh, and the dinner ladies were always hilarious!”

Liam recently became a Member of Youth Parliament for Waveney – a wonderful achievement. He said: “I am passionate about making change throughout society, and one day I hope I can achieve this wherever the opportunity will arise. At the moment I’m trying to do this on a small scale by being the MYP (Member of Youth Parliament) for Waveney, where I represent the youth (probably you, reading this).

“So far, I have done this through attending events such as the Lowestoft Conference, which focused on the future of the town. I have been in contact with Peter Aldous MP to talk about youth issues and future joint surgeries. There have been multiple events which involved me and other MYPs coming together to solidify campaign objectives and results.

“Our two main campaigns at the time of writing are the Votes at 16 campaign, which is coming on leaps and bounds in becoming a reality, and the second which is attached to this is the Make Your Mark campaign, which sends ballot papers around schools on which students and young people vote for the most important issue to them. These will then be put forward into the national manifesto.

“The role is always changing with new challenges and problems to be dealt with. This is why it is a fantastic role!”

Having gained his A Levels at college, Liam has just moved on to Warwick University where he will be studying history and politics. Liam said: “The Denes really gave me the environment to make me enjoy those two areas of study. If you’re choosing your GCSE options do what you enjoy, not what you’re good at. You’d hate being stuck in a job you wish you never took up.”

We send our best wishes to Liam and hope he is very happy at Warwick University.

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