Niall Jones (2007 – 2010)

Alumnus, Niall Jones

Niall Jones attended The Denes High School from 2007–2010 and is now working in a very high-profile industry and has lived in London for just over three years.

Niall was only 17 years old when he started his career as a programmatic trader for Havas Media, one of the largest advertising groups in the world. Niall was the youngest trader in the world, being part of the exciting programmatic media movement within digital advertising.

We asked Niall to define this. He told us: “A trader in the context of the advertising world is somebody who brokers the sale of digital advertising opportunities programmatically (using a digital platform) – they operate technology which mimics that of the financial markets; advertising space is bought and sold electronically in an auction-based environment.”

Since then, Niall has worked at SpotXchange, an American company based in Denver, Colorado, where he managed publisher relations in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and he currently works as Technical Operations Engineer at the same company, covering the same region. “I’m still working as part of that ecosystem but now I’m working for the exchange in the middle; so instead of a buyer, I now manage the ‘pipes’ that connect content publishers to advertisers. We facilitate a free internet by allowing content producers to monetise their content using advertising.”

Niall was inspired to get into digital advertising by an article in the Financial Times about how the advertising industry was experiencing a similar paradigm shift to that of the financial industry – moving from high-touch trading of stocks and financial instruments to low-touch high speed electronic trading of the same assets.

During Niall’s days as a student here, his favourite subjects were maths, physics and chemistry. He has fond memories of taking part in extracurricular activities with Mr Ainslie, who he described as being an ‘utter legend!’

Mr Turk, Head of ICT, recalls teaching Niall. He said: “Niall was in the first group of students that I ever taught ICT to and I have to say he was an asset for me, teaching me new skills. He was a model student who loved to research new ideas and this was always reflected in the standard of his work. It is great to hear he has continued to use these skills in developing his career. I wish him even more success in his career.”

Finally, Niall’s message to you is this: “Assimilate, learn and read about what you’re passionate about. There’s nothing wrong with learning for the sake of learning – and the chances are, even if it isn’t immediately apparent, the knowledge you obtain will benefit you immeasurably in the future.”

We send our thanks and best wishes to Niall.

June 2015

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