Student Enterprise, Careers and Post-16 Options

Ormiston Denes Academy values the importance of careers education and guidance that prepares students for challenges in the future. An effective Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) programme helps prepare young people for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life. It can contribute to achievement and inclusion by raising aspirations, increasing motivation, challenging stereotypes and enabling young people to make realistic and informed choices about their futures.

At Ormiston Denes Academy we employ a specialist expert to deliver impartial Careers Education, Information and Guidance.  We work closely with an organisation with a great deal of experience and expertise in this field.  They are called All Together.  Our All Together Guidance Professional, delivers Independent Careers Guidance in line with the statutory duty on all schools.

Mixing traditional, friendly and robust guidance with employer engagement expertise across education and employment spaces, she brings Ormiston Denes Academy and employers together to create an enriched matrix of careers education both in and outside of school.

Our guidance professional will support the development and facilitation of CEIAG across all year groups and will be including an emphasis on new traineeships and increasing internships and apprenticeships for young people.  She can be contacted via

Students and parents can drop in to speak to our guidance professional about applications.

Careers Education helps young people develop the knowledge, confidence and skills that they need to make well informed choices and plans that enable them to progress smoothly into further learning and work.

Information, Advice and Guidance covers a range of personalised activities and interventions that help young people to become more self-reliant and better able to manage their progression through learning and work.

CEIAG at Ormiston Denes Academy includes a programme of careers education supported by personalised information, advice and guidance. Together we will equip young people with the knowledge and skills that they need to make well-informed and realistic choices about their own progression through learning and work.


Students are entitled to careers education, information, advice and guidance that is impartial and confidential.  It will be integrated into their experience of the whole curriculum, based on a partnership with students and their parents or carers.  The programme will promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion, in the best interests of the students to whom it is given.

Specifically, students at Ormiston Denes Academy are entitled to receive:

  • Clear information, advice and guidance about all options available
  • Help to decide what to do when they finish their course/education, including further learning, training or employment
  • A programme of CEIAG which helps them to develop skills and knowledge to make choices and the transition to work and learning
  • The opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that affect their learning
  • An opportunity to learn about the world of work

Online Careers Advice Resources:

For details of available resources please click here.

Moving On magazine, jam-packed with careers and qualification information

Suffolk Work & Skills 2017

Norfolk Work & Skills 2017

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Getting Started:

Thinking about Careers in Year 9 and above, Student Guide – 2016-01-04 (20146) Getting Started 2015-16 20pp LR.pdf

Parents Newsletter: 2016-01-04 (20147) Starting out 2015-2016 Gold LR

Options after Year 11:

17026 Year 11 OPTIONS – Parents 6pp DL R3 LR

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Post 16 Education Providers:

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Time is running out. You need to ensure that you complete your required college applications as soon as possible to ensure you have a place on your chosen educational post 16 pathway.

NEED HELP, INFORMATION OR GUIDANCE? Then come along and see Mrs Budgen or Ms Mayo in their office, or email